Welcome Cousins!

In a flash of brilliance one evening after a lovely chat with two of the most incredible cousins in all of the world, the idea to build a website was born.

As time progresses and the opportunity arises, this site will become a repository for photos and documents pertaining to multiple families, though due to ease of access to so many wonderful resources, the first uploading will relate primarily to the Robert Wilson Wilcox and Margaret Elizabeth Tiffany Wilcox lines.

Should information found on this website be helpful to you, please do drop a line and say hello.  My cousins and I are delighted to share in the information that we have and for the most part just ask for acknowledgement should any papers/photos be downloaded for your own usage.

Many pictures posted on the website will be of lesser quality due to storage limitations, so should you wish to have print worthy files, please contact and I can send you a link where printing through a fantastic printer in California can be done at cost; about forty cents per 5″x7″ print.

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