What’s Next?

With a big cousin-together-happiness trip coming up in the next week, things are taking a bit of a break, mainly because Krista’s been pretty awesome at putting up the information that she’s scanned and I’m a super big slacker with a pile of information needing to be scanned and organized.  This I plan to do over this week in small doses and then once I return I’ll slowly start to put the items up.

I do have quite a few pictures that I’m wanting to get posted to ask for people’s assistance in identifying individuals where possible and have been investigating the possibility of posting an interactive family tree on the site.  WordPress has a few different plug-ins to allow posting and thus far I have yet to find one that I don’t manage to mess up the entire site with, so this may be a project that will take the longest, but if multiple family websites out there can manage to do it then, by golly, so can I.

Here’s hoping that all is well in the land of Bitetto, Alter, Knowles, Hines, Wilcox, Wilson, Tiffany, McDougal, Sehen, VanSutphin, Austin and more.

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