Frances Elizabeth Washburne Staley

As written by a daughter of either Charles Daniel Staley (1857-1942) or George Washington Staley Jr. (1863 -?). Unfortunately the papers are unsigned but the second page references George Washington Stayley Sr. as “dad’s father.”  George and Frances had four children, two daughters, Sarah Isabelle and Clara Eunice, and two sons, Charles and George.  The letter was in the possession of Maybelle (Wilson) Church Klemm and Olive Wilson, daughters of Sarah Isabelle, then to Mildred (Wilcox) Whipple and then onward to me.

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Fanny Elizabeth Washburne Staley

Appearance –

Tall, slender, stately, built a lot like Aunt Sarah, dark auburn curly hair, blue eyes (?)

Ways –

Very proud, methodical in all things, exceptionally good house keeper, never spoke ill of any one, either had some thing good to say or said nothing.

Ideas – Determined

Religion – Baptist

Person Habits –

Dress – loved to dress well, was very neat and had good taste.


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Know nothing of Washburne family.

Children of Daniel and Isabelle Anderson Staley

George Washington Staley – Dad’s father

Isabelle Staley Berry

Lynn Staley Sickle

Belle Staley Hefferman

Ann Staley Lamb

Charles Staley

Grandmother Fanny Washburne was raised by Daniel Staley’s brother.  Dad does not remember his first name.

Fanny Washburne Staley and Dr. Wm. Henly were married in Portland in 1865 (Should be able to find records in Portland.)  He claimed to be an oculist and he made patent medicines.  Had no office and made no calls on patients but had factory where he made and bottled medicine.

Dr. Henly took good care of both Dad and his mother, sending them to different places for her health and also traveled a lot for his business.  Remembers that when they went to Chicago in 1871, Dr. Henly had shipped several car loads of wine to be used in manufacture of medicine and it was burned in Chicago fire.  Dad and his mother left Chicago for Yoncalla three weeks before the fire.

Possibly it was about 1877 when he evidently tired of helping them and they saw no more of him except once when Dad found him in Portland.  He refused to go to Yoncalla where Grandmother was living with Aunt Clara and they never saw him again.  They were never divorced.

Document-Fanny Staley assessment

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