Mrs. Jacob Staley

I’ll be honest with this, I don’t have a clue in the world who (whom? Never have figured out when to use that word and, frankly, I hate the sound of it, so…) Jacob Staley or his wife is as I don’t see one in my GEDCOM, but I haven’t fleshed all my Staley family members out, either.  I’m also not sure who wrote this information out but she did have lovely handwriting.

Staley, Mrs. wife of Jacob Staley, was killed by lightning June 25, 1820 near Shepherdstown, W. Va.

Nat’l Int. Wash. D.C.

p. 97 N.G. S. Q. Sept. 42

Mrs. Jacob Staley

I believe that N.G. S. Q. stands for National Genealogical Society Quarterly ( but don’t take that as the gospel truth, though searching through the back issue index (yay membership!) I came across this article, though it’s not yet available online: John Insley Coddington, “Wollens Family Records,” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 30 (September 1942): 91-94, 101.

I have no clue about the Wollens family or how the Staley family would fit in but it would be the article in the September 1942 issue that encompasses the page referenced.  I’ve sent an email to NGS to see if the back issue is available and will update when/if I find out more and remember to say something. 🙂

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