Vance-Endsley Genealogy by Patricia Kennedy

This is a neat genealogy of the Vance and Endsley families and how they came to marry into the Wilcox family.  It was written by Patricia Kennedy.  I do not know what year or what larger compilation that it is from.

Names mentioned are Samuel Vance, Sara Endsley, Abraham Endsley, Hannah Endsley, William McGee, Mary Barham, Jane Caroline Nelson, William Demarquis McGee, Henry McGee, Margaret Jane McGee, Charles Bennett Wilcox, Robert Bennet Wilcox, George McGee Wilcox and Genevieve Wilcox.

Vance-Endsley Genealogy by Patricia Kennedy

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  1. Margaret A. Miller

    Kathryn, Thank you for posting so many papers about the Oregon Wilcox family. The history is fascinating. I hadn’t realized that Grandpa Wilcox’s mother was a Margaret (Margaret Jane McGee.) Grandpa Tiffany’s mother was also Margaret. We have a rich claim to the name 🙂

    Love, Dondee

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