Tiffany Men in 1962

“Among 162 fathers and sons who attended the F-S Banquet at Antiquity Lodge No. 91 in Redwood Falls on January 13, 1962, were 14 members of the Tiffany family, which includes Grand Standard Bearer D. William Tiffany.  In the center of the back row is Grandfather Dougall M. Tiffany.  From left in the back row, are Donald, a son; David, a grandson; D. William, a son; Grandfather Dougall; Gilbert and John, both sons.  From left in the front row, are eight more grandsons – Tom with arms on Clyde, Robert, Doug, Glenn, Don, Bruce and Wayne.  Following a barbecued sparerib dinner served by Job’s Daughters, all went upstairs to hear Past Grand Master Clyde E. Herman speak on “Father’s Footsteps.”  Worshipful Master Virgil Sales presided.  Grand Standard Bearer Tiffany introduced P.G.M. Hegman.  A movie, “Cowboy on American Range,” also was shown. (Photo by William’s Studio, Redwood Falls)”

Original publication and publication date unknown.

Tiffany Men 1962

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