1. Duck

    Do you have a pictures of Elizabeth Stickle?

    Also when did the Peabody side first come to Redwood Falls? And the Stickles?

    • I don’t have pictures that I know of – maybe some of the Tiffany cousins do? Also not for positive about when Fred came to Redwood but I know it was after his first marriage ended. Somewhere in my files I do have a history of him that was written by one of the cousins.

    • Margaret A. Miller

      I have created a Word document with three photographs of Elizabeth Stickle Peabody and one of the Stickle family in Wisconsin. They are copied from Krista’s video for the Tiffany Family Reunion of 2012. Thank you, Krista!

      I will send the Stickle file to Kathryn for posting.

  2. Margaret A. Miller

    Dear Kathryn,
    Thank you for posting the letter and the transcript. I don’t remember seeing letters from Elizabeth Stickle before. It’s good to “hear” her voice.

    I have a photo of Elizabeth Stickle and others with my mom who was quite young at the time. I will find and send it to you.

    I assume Elizabeth was visiting Aunt Vivian in Fairmont, MN where Auntie was teaching. I also assume that Elizabeth lived on the Peabody Farm in North Redwood. Does that make sense?

    The transcript is great. I read it quickly and agree with your understanding of it.

    Thanks for sharing the material.

    Love, Aunt Dondee

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