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  1. Margaret A. Miller

    Thank you!

    Do you have any information about the “McDougall Saga”? I think it might have been written by Anne Aburn, a distant cousin in New Zealand who has done a lot of research on the “Street” McCallums. I realize it could have been written by someone else. If anyone has the information, let us know.

    One of Anne Aburn’s ancestors was a sister of Ann McCallum.

    Ann was the mother of Isabel McCallum who married John McDougall (b. 1837) in Minnesota. As described in the story, Ann was widowed before Isabel’s birth in Scotland. Ann McCallum’s family lived in Killean, which is on the main road (the “street”) of Lismore. The area is about 3 miles south of Balure where Catherine McCallum, the mother of John McDougall (b. 1837) and Margaret McDougall Milne, was born.

    So, Isabel McCallum and her husband, John, were both from Lismore families. In addition, Isabel’s father, Gilbert McCallum, and John’s mother, Catherine McCallum, were sister and brother, so Isabel and John were cousins.

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