1. Margaret A. Miller

    These are interesting.

    The note of November 20, 1976, from my mother to Grandpa Tiffany, whom she calls “Parner,” is very touching. She would have been writing from Sumner, WA and was quite sick by then. She mentions Kathryn’s birth, which is wonderful. She also mentions that Barbara was coming to visit. Bob arrived from Germany with Jimmy in early December as I understand it, David was born in Germany a few days later, and arrived with Martha (who was on the way) shortly after David’s birth. Mother passed away on December 29, holding out through Barbara’s birthday. That was an eventful few weeks.

    Love, Aunt Dondee

    • Margaret A. Miller

      Oops Correction – I meant “David was born in Germany a few days later, and I arrived with Martha…”

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