Lineage of Alexander Nelson – A Descendant’s DAR Application

The information found in the following Daughters of the American Revolution application was done by Lucy Shotwell, granddaughter of Jane Caroline Nelson, who was in turn granddaughter of Alexander Nelson of Guilford County, North Carolina who was a solider in the Revolutionary War.

Lucy Shotwell DAR Application

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  1. Margaret A. Miller

    Thank you for posting this.

    Am I correct in understanding that our connection to Alexander Nelson is through Margaret Jane McGee (1854-1881)? I understand that she was the mother of Grandpa George Albert Wilcox and that, after she died in 1881, Grandpa was raised by her brother, Charles Albert McGee (1848-1924) and Mary Nancy (Nanny) Rice in Oakland, OR.

    Grandpa Wilcox was the father of Robert Wilson Wilcox (1913-1988). Robert married Margaret Elizabeth Tiffany (1913 – 1976) in 1942. Their children are Robert T., Carolyn R., Margaret F. (me), and Barbara L. Wilcox.

    Let me know if I have that right.

    It’s interesting that both Grandpa Wilcox and Grandpa Tiffany’s mothers were named Margaret, and that both women died young. Our grandfathers were young when their mothers died. (Grandpa Wilcox was 6 months old, as I understand it, and Grandpa Tiffany was 3.5 years old.) We are fortunate that very kind people (Margaret McGee’s brother and his wife and Jared Tiffany and his wife) took care of the children as their own.

    Love, Aunt Dondee

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