Alexander Nelson, Revolutionary Soldier

From the handwriting I believe that this was written by Mildred Whipple but am not 100% certain. Alexander Nelson, Revolutionary Soldier Grandfather of Jane C. McGee Born 1755-1799 Ensign in Smith Company, NC having enlisted July 1, 1777 Ensign Alexander Nelson enlisted in Smith’s Company on July 1, 1777, omitted Jan. 1778, mustered into 4th … [Read more…]

George Washington Staley (Father)

Unfortunately the paper that this information is written on is degrading badly and has torn in two.  The information comes from Maybelle (Wilson) Church Klemm, and was written by Beatrice Staley, daughter of George Washington Staley, Jr. and Martha (Wright) Staley, the year the information was written is sadly unknown.  [Please note that I believe … [Read more…]

George W. Staley

George Washington Staley, Jr., son of George Washington Staley and Frances Virginia (Washburn) Staley was born in Lee County, IA in 1863 and married Martha Wright in 1889.  The following is from a typed paper (by Maybelle Wilson Church Klemm?) and is said to be taken from “Douglas County Oregon, Today,” published in 1906 by … [Read more…]

Frances Elizabeth Washburne Staley

As written by a daughter of either Charles Daniel Staley (1857-1942) or George Washington Staley Jr. (1863 -?). Unfortunately the papers are unsigned but the second page references George Washington Stayley Sr. as “dad’s father.”  George and Frances had four children, two daughters, Sarah Isabelle and Clara Eunice, and two sons, Charles and George.  The letter … [Read more…]