Staley Treasure Trove

You’ll have to trust me that this is a lot of information regarding members of the George Staley family as it’s going to be awhile before I have time to transcribe it all.  Happy reading! Staley Treasure Trove  

Mrs. Jacob Staley

I’ll be honest with this, I don’t have a clue in the world who (whom? Never have figured out when to use that word and, frankly, I hate the sound of it, so…) Jacob Staley or his wife is as I don’t see one in my GEDCOM, but I haven’t fleshed all my Staley family … [Read more…]

Staley Information Request Letters

These are letters to various organizations requesting information on the Staley family.  The letters were written by sisters Olive Wilson and Maybelle (Wilson) Church Klemm.  Will transcribe one of these days. 🙂   Staley Information Requests