Vital Records

Birth, Death and Marriage certificates pertaining to individuals associated with the various families that make us cousins arranged by surname groups.  All efforts will be made to not post vital record information of living individuals.


Knowles/Austin Family

Anna Klemmer Birth

Anna Klemmer Knowles Death

David Early Knowles & Elva Austin Marriage

Hans Klemmer Naturalization

Hans Klemmer Passport Application

Hans Klemmer WW I Draft

James Lyle and Letitia Austin Marriage License

Roy Knowles & Anna Klemmer Marriage

Roy Knowles Birth

Sehen/Van Sutphin Family

Asa Sehen Death

Asa Sehen & Jennie Boyd Marriage

Asa Sehen & Molly Hall Marriage

Berton Sehen Birth

Eleandor Sehen & Roy Knowles Marriage

Eleandor Sehen & Marvin Young Marriage

John Sehen & Edy Going Marriage

Marvin “Tom” Young Birth

Marvin “Tom” Young Death

Tiffany/Peabody Family

Dougald Milne Tiffany Birth

Dougald Milne Tiffany Death

Dougald Milne Tiffany & Jennie June Peabody Marriage

Elizabeth Stickle Peabody Death

Fred J. Peabody & Elizabeth Caroline Stickle Marriage

Jared Tiffany and Mary Calista Miller Marriage

Jennie June Peabody Birth

Jennie June Peabody Tiffany Death

Mary Calista Tiffany Death

Margaret Tiffany Birth

Margaret Tiffany Wilcox Death

Wilcox/Wilson Family

Frances Wilson Wilcox Death

Frances Wilson & George Wilcox Marriage

George Wilcox Birth

George Wilcox Death

James Crane Death

John Wilson Death

Mabel Wilson Birth

Robert W. Wilcox Birth

Robert W. Wilcox Death

Robert Wilcox & Margaret Tiffany Marriage

Sarah Staley Wilson Death

William H. Wilson & Hannah R. Dickinson Marriage